Workload, Line Speed and Ergonomics

Among the most common issues we hear from Toyota Team Members are concerns about workload, line speed and ergonomics. 

Unifor organizers consistently hear stories of workers at Toyota who have suffered injuries while on the job that go ignored or unaddressed by management. We also hear that in far too many cases, Team Members have no choice but to continue to come to work with an injury. 

Unifor takes the health and safety of its members very seriously. In unionised auto plants, workers are protected by language and benefits to prevent these sorts of situations. These measures and practices are codified in a Collective Agreement so members not only have access to benefits when they’re injured, but also have in-plant representatives to offer support. These representatives are trained in Time Study and Ergonomics to ensure that you receive a fair assessment of your job function in order to prevent injuries before they happen.

Team Members deserve a seat at the table with Toyota management, through collective bargaining with the union, to negotiate plant operations, including line speed, production plans and workplace standards.

Contracts between the company and the union help lessen the harms of production targets by defining work output and strengthening employment practices.