Where do the union dues go?

Unifor is a non-profit organization that only receives money from members' dues. Union dues pay for:

  • Expert staff in health and safety, research, pensions and benefits, legal etc. so that we are well-equipped at the bargaining table.
  • Our meeting halls and offices so that we have our own places to gather, independent from our employers.
  • Educating our stewards/workplace reps, health and safety reps, activists and leaders so that they can be effective and strategic.
  • Holding our meetings and conventions (yes, there is a cost to democracy, but it’s worth it).
  • Communications – so we can make sure the voice of working people is heard in our communities, in the media, and with policymakers.
  • Helping more workers join our Union so that more workers can get the benefits of being part of a union. Our union is always stronger when more workers are organized.
  • A strike defense fund that allows the union to pool our resources so they are always available when needed during a labour dispute.