What did Unifor auto workers negotiate in 2020 auto bargaining?

Unifor’s Historic Deal with Ford, FCA, and General Motors

What Unifor members at Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors accomplished was truly extraordinary. Every Detroit Three automaker committed funding for Unifor facilities for a combined total investment of nearly $6 billion backed by substantial funding from the governments of Ontario and Canada. 

The funds will secure new electric vehicle production in Oakville and Windsor, along with the return of vehicle assembly to General Motors in Oshawa. These investments will stabilize the jobs of tens of thousands of Unifor members well beyond the life of the agreement and create thousands more.

Unifor members continue to set the standard for the industry while Toyota Team Members can only accept what’s given.

Compare your own situation at Toyota to what Unifor members received in the 2020 contract negotiations including considerable wage increases and bonuses, pension and benefits improvements, and new equity programs below.

Wages and bonuses

Year 1 (2020-21):

  • Productivity and Quality bonus of $7,250.
  • Wage increase of 2.5% (estimated value of $1,850).

Year 2 (2021-22):

  • Lump sum payment of 4% of previous earnings (estimated value of $3,000).
  • Inflation protection bonus of $2,000.

Year 3 (2022-23):

  • Wage increase of 2.5% (estimated value of $3,750).
  • Inflation protection bonus of $2,000.


  • Combined value of “new money” negotiated (e.g. wage increases, bonuses and lump sum payments): estimated $21,000.


  • Improved vision coverage, including for prescription lenses.
  • Improved dental coverage.
  • New glucose monitoring system coverage.
  • Increases to annual orthodontics.
  • Coverage for medical cannabis.
  • Psychologist treatment benefits improved.
  • Occupational therapy benefits for dependent children added.
  • Dependent scholarship program expanded.
  • Child care coverage expanded and increased.
  • Group Life and Disability coverage improved.

Pensions comparison


  • Pension plans with funding ratios of 127% (Chrysler), 125% (Ford), and 106% (General Motors).
  • Pension plan design changes cannot be implemented unilaterally and changes can only be made when agreed to and voted on by the membership as part of the collective bargaining process.


  • TMMC Team Members have no say over their pension plan
  • TMMC Pension Plan is only funded only to 70%.
  • TMMC’s Team Members do not have pension security and the plan is subject to changes by the employer at any time.

Wage Progression

  • Wage grid shortened from 10 years to 8 years.
  • Base wage grid percentages improved at every step.
  • Members will receive full base rate upon completion of 8th year of seniority.
  • Members will begin accumulating Supplementary Unemployment Benefit credits after 3 years.
  • Reinstated 5% afternoon and 10% midnight shift premiums.
  • New hires eligible for the Legal Services Plan, upon completion of eighth year.

Health and safety

  • Joint COVID-19 statement outlining successful collaborative efforts to prevent any outbreaks and communicate regularly with members at all Unifor facilities.
  • Enhanced Workplace Environment Representative Training.
  • Trauma and PTSD Training for Health and Safety Representatives.
  • Increased annual safety shoe allowance.
  • Recognition of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Standard.
  • Advanced industrial hygiene training for Joint and Master Health and Safety Committee members.


For complete details of contract improvements see the Ford bargaining summary, Chrysler bargaining summary, and General Motors summary.