Wage Increase

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|March 22, 2022

Toyota’s upper management saw an increase in total compensation as a reward for their “work”, and what did YOU gain?

Toyota recently gave Toyota workers a $0.35 per hour wage increase. We have heard from many of you who feel, rightfully, disrespected and upset by this nominal wage increase.

To put it in perspective, Toyota’s profits for 2021 were $24 Billion Canadian Dollars and were considered miraculous by analysts given the challenges to the market. Their CEO received $4.7 Million CAD (plus over $12 Million in stock dividends), and shareholders received dividend payouts totalling $2.7 Billion CAD.

Toyota’s corporate interests are very different from the workers who work on the shop floor. Workers worry about the cost of fuel, rising inflation, increased housing costs and if they will be able to assist their children with rising post secondary costs. Corporations, like Toyota, are constantly in pursuit of bigger and bigger mega profits, speeding up the line for leaner and faster production, and rewarding top level management and shareholders.

Given the times we are in and the increased cost of basic necessities, a $0.35 increase is not in keeping with workers expenses.

If workers were represented by a Union they would have had a say in how Toyota distributes their profits or compensates. Currently top level executives get the majority of the share but we can use the power of collective bargaining to ensure the workers who make the product get a fair share of the rewards.

Sign your union card today, become an active union member and help to balance the scales.


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