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Tracey Ramsey
|October 23, 2020

As Unifor’s Auto Bargaining with the Detroit 3 moves to its final company, General Motors, we are once again reminded the importance of pattern bargaining.

Most recently, FCA’s 9000+ Unifor members ratified their newly signed collective agreement by a total of 78% in favour of the agreement. As with the Ford agreement, it came down to the wire, as FCA did their best to resist some of the monetary gains and investment guarantees that the Ford members secured in their agreement. In the end, FCA’s Unifor bargaining committee was unflinching in their resolve to meet the pattern set by Ford and were ultimately successful in every way. Feel free to browse the highlights of the agreements by clicking the link below.

This again shows the power of the union and the strength we get from pattern bargaining.
Toyota management in Canada will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye as Unifor finishes off its Detroit 3 bargaining with General Motors. Toyota, like the Detroit 3, continues to turn a healthy profit in its Canadian facilities and should have no problem matching the gains set by Unifor Auto Bargaining. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. Surely they will try to give a little in the wake of the gains by the Detroit 3, but will it be enough to match?

It is time to take the guessing out of the equation. TMMC Team Members should, and would, be compensated in the same way as the Detroit 3, if you were Unifor members-as we are all Canadian auto workers performing mostly the same functions.

Do not get left behind. Whether it’s Wages, Benefits, Pensions, Health and Safety, Future Investment, or fairness in the workplace, signing your union card is the first step in getting what you deserve. Click the link below to sign your confidential Unifor membership card.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Union Membership card, the campaign to unionize Toyota, or the Detroit 3 bargaining, please feel free to contact Todd Riverso or Tracey Ramsey, your Unifor Organizers.