Fair Job Posting Policies

Toyota Team Members have a good handle of what’s fair and reasonable in your workplace. That’s why Team Members deserve a say in how job postings work at Toyota. Team Members often report cases of unfair practices and favouritism when it comes to how jobs are posted and awarded. 

In Unifor plants, auto workers have the benefit of a legally-binding Collective Agreement that they negotiate, decide on, and vote for. The Collective Agreement outlines clear rules and guidelines for job selection based on seniority which provides a level playing field for all workers when bidding on jobs. 

The process for bidding on jobs is always clearly outlined, and will often specify how long jobs must be posted for, when workers will be notified of a successful application, and any rules the company must follow for filling positions. These rules can include successful applicants receiving the wage rate of new jobs after a specified number of days or specific rules that ensure Team Members receive sufficient training when moving to a new job. Management will also have to justify its decision-making which can be challenged using the Collective Agreement’s grievance procedure.