Auto Workers Vote to join Union

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Unifor for Toyota
|February 04, 2022

More than 6000 workers at a Mexican General Motors plant voted overwhelmingly this week to join a union. Unifor is proud to have worked with them toward this goal. This is a tremendous victory for the workers at this plant, and for all workers in Mexico.

All workers have the right to join a union and to have a voice in their workplace.

Unifor has worked closely with SINTTIA, the independent union for workers at the plant in Silao, Mexico, and CILAS, a worker rights organization, to push for a free vote at the plant.

These workers have worked long and hard for workplace democracy and to have a say regarding their working conditions.

This could be the year where we make history together by having Toyota TMs join the thousands of autoworkers across Canada as members of Unifor!!

The best way to secure your future and make Toyota a better and fairer workplace is to sign your union card today. You can now do so confidentially online at:

Text or email to a co-worker to have a greater impact and double the number of cards that are signed. Let’s keep the momentum going to ensure that workers at Toyota have a safe, fair and respectful workplace.