Should Toyota tell you how you can spend your money?

Hopefully this email finds you staying safe during these uncertain times. Unifor and your TMMC co-workers continue to get cards signed and have dialogue about the day-to-day happenings in the Toyota workplaces here in Ontario. Although the current pandemic seems to finally be slowing here in Ontario, we still need to be aware of the risks and also make sure the employer is following the most up-to-date safety procedures to ensure workers’ safety while in and around the workplaces. If you have any questions regarding the pandemic, you can still go to Unifor’s COVID page by clicking this button-



Most recently, the discussions with TMMC team members have been about creating a small business card sized shareable for the plant on how to sign the electronic union card and also TMMC’s attempt to restrict its employees’ ability to make their own decisions regarding their money, outside of the workplace.

The business card sized hand out that is being developed will include the electronic card link as well as the QR code that can be scanned with your phone to sign to join Unifor.

Of course you don’t need to wait for the card- you can sign now and share the e-card with co-workers.

As for recent questions from TMMC team members regarding the ownership of auto company stocks other than Toyota, TMMC recently updated Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy, and in the “Ownership Interest in Dealers or Competitors’ Stock” portion, the policy “now includes prohibitions around ownership of competitors’ stocks or other like securities.” This has been interpreted as TMMC team members not being able to hold stock in any car company stock.

Unifor’s position is that TMMC’s attempt to dictate what workers do with their money outside of the workplace is ludicrous. After some preliminary research, we cannot find anything to support this policy change. Non-compete policies do not cover this, and this is hardly a case of workers trying to undermine Toyota. Until we find something to support Toyota’s attempt to limit workers’ ability to decide how to spend their own money, our stance will remain that this policy is not enforceable.

Having said that, currently TMMC workers are not unionized and are at the mercy of the employer who is only bound by Canadian and Ontario Labour Laws. This means that TMMC can virtually put anything they want into their policies as long as it doesn’t break the law, and they can enforce these terms of employment unless they are challenged at the Labour Board.

With Unifor as your employment relations representative, we would be able to challenge these types of attempts by TMMC. Unifor possesses the highest quality labour representatives along with many departments, such as Legal, Research and Pensions and Benefits, along with many more, should workplace representatives require the assistance while dealing with employers. We will continue to look into this policy update and provide any updates as they become available.

Your Unifor Organizing Team