You are invited to a COVID-19 Townhall Information Meeting this Thursday, January 21st, 2021 from 11am to 12pm.

While the campaign to Unionize TMMC continues to march forward, Unifor Organizers are doing our best to continue to answer any and all questions and concerns from Team Members.

The pandemic has affected most every workplace in Ontario.  TMMC has not been immune from this. In recent weeks, Unifor Organizers have heard many concerns from TMs regarding the lack of detailed information surrounding COVID cases within TMMC workplaces, as well as many who have questioned the honesty of the reports provided in the communications from TMMC management.

This prompted us to reach out to our own Health & Safety Department to see how Detroit 3 Auto Plants have been doing and if their results have been different.

While we are not immune to COVID in the D3 Auto Plants, we have a clear plan on how to deal with it when it happens and we have no plants with the numbers you are seeing at TMMC.  To give us an idea why, Staff members from Unifor's Health & Safety Department have offered to put on a Webinar in an effort to give TMs an idea of what Unifor is doing alongside D3 Automakers to ensure the safety of our members.  Following the presentation their will also be an opportunity for TMs to ask questions.

Meeting Details

Please feel free to join us this Thursday for a presentation from Unifor's Health & Safety Department.

If you have any questions regarding this meeting or the campaign to unionize TMMC, please contact one of your Unifor Organizers.

In Solidarity,

Tracey Ramsey, 519-996-8946, [email protected]

Todd Riverso, 647-883-8662, [email protected]