As you finish up your third week of being back to work, the situation at Toyota remains daunting. We are receiving many calls about feeling unsafe at work, struggling with the PPE provided, and unease with always waiting to understand where the company is with COVID-19 and workers safety.

In the last three months, hundreds of Toyota workers have signed Unifor cards and more and more people have started talking about the union advantage. Many of you have expressed to us that now is the time for workers at Toyota to get union representation, to ensure that moving forward you have a voice at work.

As most of you know, we have introduced an electronic union card (e-card) and it has been a game changer!With a workplace of multiple shifts, locations and thousands of workers, the e-card has become a safe and convenient way for you and your co-workers to join the union.

The time is NOW Sign an e-card here

We also want to let you know that we have a new website! Check it out HERE and share with your co-workers on Social Media. This will be the place to get all the updates on how the campaign is going.

We continue to be here for you during these unprecedented times.

Check it out now at if you want more information- Unifor is here for you.



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